MTMCA Coach Certification

MTMCA Coach Certification

Benefits of Being an MTMCA Certified Coach:
  • Exam Accreditation
  • Free Subscription ($15 monthy value)
  • Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM) Certificate signed by Oscar Wegner
  • Free one page website with Coach Bio
  • Access to MTM-U Online Coaching University with continuing education materials
  • Access to Inexpensive Insurance!
  • MTM Certified Coaches List with your contact info, google map of your courts, and promotion by associated sites including
  • MTM Coaches Roundtable with the latest up to date info as well a forum led by Oscar Wegner to share info to further the growth of tennis.

*Video upload feature to ensure your coaching level is based on verified results with students to ensure quality ratings

* Book a lesson software available to all coaches and clubs at up to 90% discounts.

*Further benefits being developed such as taking the test in foreign languages will be available shortly.

You will be sent a key via email to access the online open book test at your convenience plus additional study materials to pass the test with. Tests available to be mailed or emailed to you as an attachment.

Price: $75.00

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Join MTMCA – Modern Methodology Coaches Association

  • Exam Accreditation
  • FREE Subscription
  • Certificate signed by Oscar Wegner
  • Access to Inexpensive Insurance
  • Products at discounted rates