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Mastering tennis is as simple as...

Find It

Track the ball as if you were going to catch it. Keep the non-playing hand on the throat of the racquet to prevent it from going back too early.

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Feel It

When the ball touches your strings you should focus on the feel of brushing it up and across. Let the racquet do the work for you. Don't force it.

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Finish It

On groundstrokes, always finish with the butt of the racquet pointing to where you hit the ball. Minimize your backswing - the finish is more important.

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Beginner & Novice Players

The Wegner Method was initially created to help popularize tennis by making it an easier sport to learn. Tennis teaching is too complicated and too many false techniques are taught which does nothing but frustrate the player and hurt their game. The Wegner Method is simplicity at it’s finest. Forget what you have been taught before, because you are about to learn the game in a whole new - easier - way.

Watch Oscar Teach a Total Beginner:

In this uncut video clip Oscar teaches someone who has never played tennis how to rally consistently within 10 minutes!

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Intermediate & Advanced

In January, 1999, a man greeted me with a big smile and said "Oscar, it is an honor to meet you. I used to watch your show. Your techniques made so much sense that I taped them and had my girls watch them every day. Thank you so much for what you have done for tennis."

The name of the man, Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena.

Do Pros Use the Wegner Method?

Yes! "Oscar is a great coach. In a few days he helped me regain my strokes and my feel for the ball." Bjorn Borg. Read more top examples.

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For Coaches & Parents

"This system is amazing, like planting 250 seeds and getting 250 trees. All of the children I teach at the summer camp keep coming back every year, all of them. They learn quickly and they love the sport."

Bob Ruzanic, a Pennsylvania tennis coach and former Chairman of the U.S. Davis Cup Committee.

Watch the MIT Mens Coach on MTM

The mens coach of the MIT tennis team is interviewed regarding his views on the Wegner Method. Part 1 | Part 2

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Who Uses Oscar’s Methods?

Venus and Serena Williams, Gustavo "Guga" Kuerten, Vincent Spadea, Paradorn Srichaphan, Marat Safin, the pros and coaches on the Spanish Armada, the new crop of South American players and coaches, the Argentinian Guillermo Coria, Gaston Gaudio, David Nalbandian, Guillermo Canas, Juan Ignacio Chela, Jose Acasuso, Mariano Puerta, are part of a long list of players who have benefited from Oscar's teaching legacy.

Even the Russian Tennis Federation has been using Oscar's book for their tennis programs since the early 1990s. This natural, easy to learn method is also very effective for people who have never played before.

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